3 Aplikasi Terbaik Pengingat Waktu Adzan dan Sholat

The Best Automatic Azan Application

The Best Automatic Adhan Application – As a marker for the entry of obligatory prayer times, surely hearing the call to prayer echoed by the muezzin is indeed helpful and calls Muslims to be able to pray in congregation on time.

But sometimes we forget our busy work, when we are in a building, a forest far from the mosque, it is very difficult for us to hear the call to prayer.

Now you don’t have to worry about missing prayers on time, because your Android phone can be a prayer reminder, now there are many Islamic applications that are equipped with prayer schedules, adhan alarms and also the Koran. With the help of this application, you can be reminded of the prayer schedule and usually the call to prayer will appear on your Android phone.

3 Adhan and Prayer Times Reminder Applications

Well, check out this review from teknobgt.com, 3 prayer times and adhan applications that you can choose to install on your smartphone.

Muslim Pro – Prayer Times, Azan, Quran, Qibla

This application has been downloaded and recognized by more than 70 million Muslims in the world as a prayer time reminder application and also the best and most accurate call to prayer.


Name Muslim Pro
File Siza 30MB
Version v12.6.3
Support Android 4+
Harga Gratis
Developer Bitsmedia Pte Ltd
Download Link Muslim Pro

iMuslim Quran Azan Prayer time

Automatic call to prayer application for Android phones is iMuslim made by CY Security Developers. This android application is arguably more similar to the Muslim Pro application because it presents many Islamic features in an application.

Name I’m Muslim Pro
File Size 14.1 MB
Version v1.20
Support Android 4+
Price Free
Developers Limoo
Download Link I’m Muslim Pro

Prayer Now : Azan Prayer Times

An integrated Islamic app that includes many religious characteristics in the life of a Muslim.
Ramadan 2022 Features: –
El Khatma, to save and read the Quran.
Eftar cannon Remainder.
Emsak cannon Remainder.
Ramadan 2022 calender

Name Prayer Now
File Size 32MB
Version v8.4.3
Support Android 4+
Price Free
Developer Approcks Dev Inc

Prayer Now