how to connect cellphone to tv without cable

Here's How To Connect Cell Phones To TV Without Cables

Tired of the usual cable tv shows every day? Well, it looks like you need different entertainment, namely streaming YouTube or movies on Netflix, iflix, videos and others. For that teknobgt will share tips on how to connect a cellphone to a TV without a data cable or HDMI cable.

If in the previous article discussed how to connect a cellphone to a regular tv which is assisted by a cable and also an HDMI Converter, this time the theme is almost the same but without the help of any cables. This is perfect for those of you who like to watch drama movies or other streaming shows, because your cellphone screen is small, it would be nice to practice how to connect your cellphone to this wireless tv to produce a bigger picture.

That way, you will get a more fun viewing experience and your eyes won't hurt as quickly as when watching movies from your cellphone. How to connect a cellphone to this TV is very easy if you already have the supporting tools that help HP Android you can connect to the TV. What is needed?

How to Connect HP to TV

You can do this directly to connect an Android phone with a TV without a cable if:

  1. The TV that you are using is included in the Smart TV or Android TV category, which means that the TV category already has the Miracast feature
  2. If you use an ordinary LCD TV or LED TV and subscribe to the internet such as Indihome or XLhome complete packages that have an Android TV Box, then you can directly connect your Android phone to the TV via the Chromecast build in feature which is usually available from the Android TV Box.

How to connect a cellphone with a TV via android TV Box XLhome or Indihome:

As in the article Google Home Application Can Connect Cellphone to TV, you can do a way to connect your cellphone to a TV without cables with the help of the Google Home application. With the condition that you have an Android TV Box device which is usually already bundled when you subscribe to internet wifi at home.

Like the Android TV Box device from XLhome which is already supported with Chromecast Build in, so when you use the Google Home application, the device can be detected and directly connected to be displayed on the TV.

You can also directly connect your cellphone to the TV while watching youtube at home, usually there will be a tv icon + lines like wifi which if you press the icon automatically your youtube show will switch to TV.

How to Connect HP to Smart TV Without Cables

how to connect Android phone to smart tv
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Furthermore, there is another way to connect an Android phone to a TV with the Miracast feature. Well, usually Smart TVs or Android TVs are already supported with the Miracast feature. But if the TV you have at home is an LCD type TV or LED TV that doesn't have the Miracast feature, you must first buy a device called the Miracast Dongle.

Here are several ways to connect your cellphone to LG, Samsung and Sony smart TVs:

Connecting HP To LG Smart TV

  • The first step is to press the button Home on the remote.
  • Then choose an option 'Network' and select  Miracast to activate.
  • Activate the Miracast feature on your Android phone, then scan to detect Miracast on the TV.

Connecting HP to Samsung Smart TV

  • The first step is to press the button 'Source' on the remote, then select 'Screen Mirroring'.
  • After that the Samsung TV will scan the device within 2 minutes.
  • Immediately activate the Miracast feature on HP

Connecting HP To Sony Smart TV

  • The first step is to press the button 'Inputs' on the remote control.
    After that select 'Screen Mirroring' and press 'OK'
  • And continuing on the TV will automatically scan for other devices from the Android phone that you will connect to.

Besides there are settings on the Smart TV when you want to connect to a cellphone, it turns out that in every brand of HP there are different settings when you want to connect to a TV, here are the details for setting up an Android cellphone that will be connected to a Smart TV:

Asus cellphone

  • It is in Settings
  • Then select 'Wireless and Network', then click 'More'.
  • After that select the menu 'Select Device' and select the name of the Smart TV you have.

Samsung phones

  • Enter menu Arrangement and select menu 'Wireless and Networks'
  • After that select 'More Settings' and select 'Allshare Cast'
  • Next in section 'Connect and Share', choose which 'Screen Mirroring'
  • Then there will appear the name of your Smart TV, then press on the name you choose.

Xiaomi phones

  • Select menu Settings and select More, after that select Wireless Display
  • After that change it to the "ON" position
  • When the Smart TV name appears, select it so that the process of connecting to the TV can proceed.

LG Optimus

  • Enter the Settings menu then select Wireless and Network, then select More
  • After that, select the Miracast menu and it will scan nearby Smart TVs.
  • Choose a Smart TV that matches what you have, then the cellphone will automatically connect.

Lenovo phones

  • Select menu Settings then select menu Device
  • After that on the submenu select Display and continue to choose Wireless Display
  • Here you have to activate the feature by selecting the ON button
  • Wait a while until your TV name appears and connect.

Those are the things that you must know when you want to connect an Android phone to a Smart TV or regular LCD TV. The point is, if you already have a Smart TV, then you can easily connect your cellphone. But if your TV is still an LCD or LED TV type, then you must require additional devices such as a Miracast Dongle or an Android TV Box that is already equipped with Chomecast build in.